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Jan 20, 2021

So... watched anything good lately? Maybe a comedy? Or a satire? Ooooh, wouldn't it be fun to watch a show with a lot of mysteries behind it, like Lost? Well, look no further, as all of those questions can be resolved with the release of WandaVision on Disney+.

The first and second episodes were released last Friday, and all of the guys had the chance to sit down and take in the shows. This is a quirky show, focusing on two of our favorite Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To help out our loyal listeners, we have gone ahead and answered some of the most popular questions we have received on our Google machines in the last week.

So, where does this fit in the cinema timeline? We don't know yet.

What is this S.W.O.R.D. that is subtlety referenced in each episode? We don't know yet.

Where are Wanda and the Vision going to set up a baby registry? We don't know yet.

So should I watch this? ABSOLUTELY!

We also have a one-two punch of comic goodness. Earlier this week, we saw the return of the Arrowverse shows with the launch of the new Batwoman series on CW. Tune back in next week to get our impressions on the new caped crusader. Next, as this show goes up, the DC Universe Infinite comic reading platform will be launching. All movies and TV shows have been removed, giving us a dedicated DC Comics reading platform. Again, tune back in next week for our impressions. 

As always, we have our Pick 3 selections for January 20, sponsored by our friends at Clint's Comics. Be sure to support your local comic shops regularly and safely. Wear a mask, wear gloves, and pick up your books each week!

We would love to hear your comments on the show. Let us know what you've been reading or watching this week. Contact us on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. We want to hear from you! As always, we are the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! and we hope you enjoy the show.

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