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Jul 6, 2018

This week, we are trying something new with the show. We have put together some audio highlights of our panels at Smallville Con last month. 

Of course, the highlight of the weekend had to be John hosting Superman himself, actor Dean Cain. Lots of super moments from that panel to look forward to in this week's podcast. In addition, we have some great moments with the panels from Eddie McClintock, Steven WIlliams and Corin Nemec.

And before you ask, yes, we also did panels with David Nykl and Mindy Sterling. Unfortunately, the audio quality from those panels was a little rough. By the end of the day, we had figured out the sound system at Smallville, so next year will be even better. 

Now, we didn't get our Pick 3 selections made yet for new comics coming out next week, but check out social media feeds early next week to get our choices for what you should be picking up at your LCS on July 11. 

We would love to hear your comments on the show. Let us know what you've been reading or watching this week. Contact us on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by email. We want to hear from you! As always, we are the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! and we hope you enjoy the show.

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