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Jul 19, 2017

Welcome to the first of two podcasts this week. We take a week off, and you get more content. How does that math work out?

First up is John's interview with actress Allison Arngrim from O Comic Con. Alison is most well known for playing Nellie on Little House on the Prairie. John hosted one of her panels at OCC and sat down with her later to chat one-on-one.

Next is Jerry's interview with actor Erick Avari from Smallville Comic Con. Erick has been in dozens of movies and TV shows, from Seinfeld to The West Wing and from Independence Day to Stargate. Like all good actors, he longs for the opportunity to play King Lear on stage. Jerry sits down to discuss his career, driving the country, and Ben's Bells.

Finally, John interviews actor Alain Chanoine from the Smallville Comic Con. Alain was most recently seen as the Incubus in Suicide Squad. John and Alain sit down to discuss the path he took to reach the big screen. 

Allison Arngrim - 1:50 - 19:40

Erick Avari - 19:40 - 29:20

Alain Chanoine - 29:20 - 40:45