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Jul 21, 2017

Welcome to our summer of 2017 clips show. Unlike other shows, we are giving you fresh clips vs. recycling old clips from past shows.  

First up has John visiting the Illustration Academy in Kansas City two weeks ago. After sitting in on some classes, John interviewed artist Vanesa del Rey and concept artist Wesley Burt. 

Next, Jerry sat down with some comic book artists back at Smallville Comic Con. To start, X-Men: Gold artist Ken Lashley talks about his time in Smallville and the hubbub around his current assignment. Jerry moved across the aisle to speak to artist Kevin Nowlan, who has done a little bit of everything over his 35-year career in comics.  

Finally, we did speak to some of our friends at Free Comic Book Day back in May at Clint's Comics. John starts by speaking to Mikayla Carson, Miss City of Fountains in the Miss Missouri program. Mikayla is a comic fan as well as an outstanding ambassador for Kansas City. John then speaks to artist Steve Daniels, a KC artist who is also a regular behind the counter at Clint's Comics. 

Vanesa del Rey - 1:45 - 10:15

Wesley Burt - 10:15 - 17:40

Ken Lashley - 17:40 - 21:05

Kevin Nowlan - 21:05 - 26:35

Mikayla Carson - 26:35 - 33:50

Steve Daniels - 33:50 - 42:10